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Furniture (Flat packed only)


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Flat packed furniture is with out doubt the most cost effective and reliable way to transport furniture via freight. It provides both the retailer and customer a secure, no hassle and dependable option.
It also offers freight companies the valuable commodity of space so that the customer can transport more cargo on their desired choice of transportation for their freight.
Transporting bulk furniture (not flat packed) gives the customer and freight provider less space on their particular mode of transport to carry more cargo.

Although, a majority of retail furniture businesses offer Home Delivery as part of their service to the customer, there is also the issue of having a fixed price quote which gives the customer no room to move. National Freight Management offers the customer the choice of choosing from a selection of freight service providers depending on what budget the customer has.

Please visit the MOVING section in the EXPERTISE section of our website for all your freight needs regarding transportation of general household items.

National Freight Management also offers manufacturers and suppliers of ‘flat packed furniture’ the option of using our services.  With our years of experience in the freight industry we are more than capable of offering the very best in competitive pricing to help businesses improve their bottom line.

We also offer software integration, an online freight managing system and constant complimentary customer support to our manufacturers, suppliers and business owners so that they receive a no hassle experience at a competitive price, with all the support they can possibly imagine.

This in turn provides your company with ample time to concentrate on the important issue of running your business while we oversee all your freight requirements.

National Freight Management will provide both retail customers (whether it be via traditional or online sale methods) and manufactures & supplier businesses all the necessary requirements, tools and advice to assist making the transportation of all their (flat packed) furniture needs as simple as possible, ultimately giving them complete peace of mind knowing that their freight is being transported under the very best freight conditions both

National Freight Management offers specialised options that are intended to help flat packed furniture manufacturers; suppliers and general retail customers generate value transportation solutions by:

  • Providing our furniture clients with Software Integration to help infuse their in­house systems to work cohesively with our freight management systems.
  • Managing all your services online including Quoting, Booking, Documentation and Tracking.
  • Providing ONLY one monthly invoice even if you use multiple freight forwarders on multiple occasions during the month.
  • Giving you a Choice to choose from our specialised list of highly reputable and experienced furniture freight forwarders
  • Freight Transportation to Anywhere in Australia and the world.
  • Flat packed furniture freight advice and recommendations to help the general retail customer make the right choices thus ensuring competitive quotes and the right freight forwarders providing value for money, desired delivery times, careful handling procedures and Insurance options.
  • Offering excellent Customer Service that sets us apart from all our competitors including advice and solutions gained from over 30 years of freight industry experience

Please call  one of our Consultants  on 1300 21 12 12 or email us at [email protected] and let us SAVE you TIME & MONEY on all your Furniture freight needs.

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