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Your interstate or intrastate MOVING solution


We understand that moving can be a stress full time whether it be for a family recollation, a new job, business needs or a loved one.

With so much to organise and coordinate, the option of having your belongings transported safely, arriving on time and also SAVING you money is a valuable solution to your moving needs.


NFM Your MOVING Solution


  • We leave you a 20ft container (enough to fit the belongings of an average 3 bedroom home)
  • You pack your belongings
  • Leave the transportation to us
  • YOU save thousands of dollars by not using traditional moving companies or movers.


We Have

  • Over 30 years experience in Transport Logistics
  • We send thousands of containers around Australia each year
  • We have an extensive national freight network
  • We help you move anywhere in Australia, from capital cities to the remotest of areas


Moving Hints & Tips



  • We deliver to your premises a 6m (20ft) container for you to load. The container holds

approximately 38 cubic metres. More than enough for the average household!

There has to be enough room on property to leave container. We cannot leave container on nature strip        or road.

  • The container is delivered to your premises and placed at ground level for ease of loading.
  • We allow adequate time for you to finish the job to your satisfaction.
  • 4 weeks hire/storage is included in the price from date of delivery. Further hire will attract an

additional charge.

  • Delivery is arranged to suit your requirements.
  • This price includes insurance.

Storage, Security & Hire

  • You have a 4 week period to use the container from start to finish (from date

of delivery).

  • We can store your belongings for as long as required in any of our secure national

branches until you require delivery to your new premises.

  • You will need to provide a padlock to ensure the security of your container. Included in our price is 4 weeks free hire/storage. We offer short and long term storage as required to suit your needs. Speak to one of our friendly representatives for further details. Our depots are fully secured with regular patrols inspecting the premises.


  • We recommend you insure your goods and are able to offer insurance for the following on

your behalf: fire, collision, flood and overturning of the conveyance carrying your goods.

  • We are unable to offer ALL RISK marine transit insurance or coverage against accidental breakage and theft other than the points listed above. Should you wish to obtain additional insurance please contact your own insurance company, as they may be able to assist you. Further details are outlined in our Terms and Conditions which are provided to you at time of booking or upon request.

Loading Regulations

Most household items are suitable for transport except for the following:

  • Pot plants and perishable foods are not suitable for interstate transport due to State Quarantine


  • You cannot load any item classed as dangerous goods, these include the following:

Batteries and chemicals

Gas cylinders and cigarette lighters

Paint/thinners and flammable materials

Note: fuel must be emptied from lawn mowers, garden edgers and motorcycles.


Guide to Loading your Container: Tips & Tricks

It is essential that you load your furniture/household items carefully and properly to ensure your

valuable possessions reach their destination in good order and damage free. To help you we have put

together the following guidelines:

  • Keep each room together by packing one room at a time.
  • It is best to pack as many items as possible into boxes, rather than placing lose items into the


  • Collapsible furniture should always be flat packed and wrapped.
  • When wrapping flat objects with bubble wrap or a blanket, roll the items in one direction only

and ensure there is a blanket between all items to form a tight bundle.

  • Do not leave spaces between your belongings. Always fill any gaps with cardboard boxes,

packing material or rags.

  • Clearly mark all your cartons.
  • Tape cupboards and drawers shut so they cannot open in transit.
  • Pack a “Survival Kit” consisting of a kettle, coffee, tea, sugar, alarm clock, phone, cutlery, can

opener, non-perishable food, cordial, something to entertain the kids etc for when you first

arrive at your new home. Mark it clearly and load it last so you can access it as soon as

possible on arrival.

  • Pack easy to lose and important items in one box such as remote controls, disks and CDs.


  • Cardboard should always be placed between your belongings, especially when securing them

to prevent rubbing in transit.

  • Remember your padlock key.

Specific Items

  • Furniture: should be flat packed where possible and wrapped individually. Slip plastic covers

over your lounges and mattresses.

  • Electrical Equipment: if you still have the original packaging use it, otherwise use extra

wrapping for protection. Install transport screws on stereos and CD equipment as required.

  • Fragile Items: care should be taken to individually wrap cups and glassware with newspaper.

Ensure items form a snug fit inside their cartons to prevent movement in transit.

  • Garden Equipment: Tools like shovels and rakes should be taped together. Clean your garden

equipment so they don’t contaminate your other belongings and don’t forg et to drain fuel from


  • Food and alcohol: Only non-perishable items can be transported interstate due to Quarantine

regulations. Preferably your alcohol collection should be packed into wine cartons and

wrapped individually with newspaper.

  • Books: Place books into cartons and load them on or near the base of the container. Do not

load on top of other belongings.



Loading Preparation


1 Week Prior

  • Organise your packaging material and start planning how you will undertake the load.
  • Pre pack as many items as possible.

1 Day to Go

  • Defrost and clean fridge and freezer. Use a sanitizer solution to prevent mould build up.
  • Finalise packing of your belongings.

Packing Day

  • Assemble furniture for loading outside the container. Note: make sure you spread heavy

(base) items and light (top loading) items out over the load. This is very important as you want

to be able to blend your belongings together to maximise space as well as protect it from

damage in transit.

  • Begin loading your container by placing heavy non-fragile items on the floor at the end of the

container such as a fridge or washing machine. Place cardboard around and on top and then

top load with cartons and other light items like chairs and pillows.

  • Approximately every 1.5 –  2 metres you will need to secure your belongings. Mattresses are

good for this, stand a mattress up against what you have loaded and utilising the tie down

points secure the load. Use plenty of cardboard to prevent the rope from rubbing on your


  • Repeat this procedure by loading more base items and top loading with light items and once

again secure the load. Continue this method until the container is fully loaded. If you have

space at the end of the container, take extra care to secure it using plenty of cardboard and



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