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▶ How do I make a booking?
  • You can either use our online system, or you can phone us on 1300 21 12 12
▶ Can I book as the receiver?
  • Yes you can – if you are the receiver, then you need to make sure that the sender receives the consignment note and fully understand the details of the pickup.
▶ What is a consignment note? How do I get it?
  • The consignment note has details of your shipment. Using our online booking system, you will create one and be able to print it easily on your printer.
  • The only exception to creating consignment notes is International Shipping – there is a little more involved.
▶ Can I book with an operator?
▶ What happens if no one is home at time of pickup?
  • It is important to ensure that you are present at the time you have booked. If you are not, you may incur additional fees and delays to your shipment.
▶ What happens if no one is home to receive the delivery?
  • If you have specified that drop off at a specified location is acceptable, then the driver will do this. If you have not specified this, then a signature is required and therefore the shipment will be taken back to the local depot. In this case, a re-delivery fee may apply.
▶ Can you package my item for me?
  • No – it’s important your shipment is packed well, ready for pickup.
▶ Can I send to a PO Box?
  • Shipping and freight companies will only deliver to addresses, not PO Boxes.
▶ Is there a maximum length my parcel can be?
  • Your parcel can be any length – we don’t have a minimum or maximum dimension.
▶ What if my package is over 25kg?
  • In this case, your package must be on a skid or pallet. It should be strapped and adequately packed.
  • You need to have a forklift on premises, or alternatively we will need to arrange a special form of transport that includes a lifting tailgate. This will incur an extra charge.
▶ What if I don’t know the correct weight or dimensions of my item?
  • Please measure and weigh your item prior to booking. If the dimensions or weight booked are incorrect, you may incur an extra charge for your shipment. Measuring and weighing ensures quotes are as accurate as possible.
▶ Are my goods covered by transit warranty?
  • No. If you are sending goods of value, we recommend insurance. We cannot insure second hand goods.
▶ Can I track my delivery online?
  • In most cases, yes. Some exceptions apply but generally speaking it is possible to see your package’s journey from pickup to delivery.
▶ I live outside a capital city, can you pickup tomorrow?
  • We can pick up tomorrow – next day service is available, but same day service is not.
▶ Do I need an account to use the service?
  • Anyone can use our service, without an account, provided you can pay by credit card.
▶ What are my payment options?
  • Credit card is the preferred method of payment.
  • For established clients, direct deposit is also available.
▶ Is there a cut-off time for bookings?
  • In metro areas, cut off times vary between 11am and 3pm, depending on transport company, for same day pickups.
  • For regional areas, the cut off is 12 midday for next-day pickups.
▶ Are there any regional areas that you don’t service door-to-door?
  • We are able to service anywhere in Australia, or the world.
▶ Can I pick up or drop off my item at the closest depot?
  • Yes you can. You will need to contact our customer service department to arrange the details. In most cases, major transport companies have depots in every major city. If you are dropping off, you must have your con note attached, and write National Freight Management’s details on the con note.
▶ Can I send my suitcases or do they need to be boxed up?
  • Suitcases and similar cases are fine to send without boxing. Please make sure they are secured closed and addressed clearly.
▶ We are regular senders, can we have an account?
  • Absolutely. We will provide you with a username and password, which gives you full access to a wide variety of transport companies that we deal with, with preferred rates, all invoiced on one descriptive invoice. You’ve never had shipping so easy!
▶ What is the best way to present my goods for transport?
  • Goods should be well packed in a solid cardboard box or container and securely sealed.
  • Internal packaging of goods should contain bubble wrap, foam inserts, paper/cardboard fillers to eliminate possible movement during transportation.
  • Packaging should have a single label detailing:

Sender’s name Receiver’s name Receiver’s address Consignment note number Number of cartons e.g. 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3, 4 of 4, 5 of 5

▶ How do I complete a consignment note?
How do I complete a consignment note? The consignment note should have identical details completed as the freight dispatched. The consignment note should include the following to facilitate the delivery and charging process:

  • Senders name and address and Receivers name & address completed in full Description of items (cartons & pallets etc)
  • Number of items
 Weight of each carton/item Cubic dimensions of each carton/item
  • Account number to be charged
▶ Cubic Conversion
Express Road – 1 cubic meter = 250 kgs General Freight -1 cubic meter = 333 kgs International Air Freight – 1 cubic meter = 200 kgs Sea Freight – 1 cubic meter = 1000 kgs How do I calculate the cubic kilos of an item to be dispatched? Simply measure the length, width and height of the item in centimeters (cm). Convert the CM into meters by dividing by 100. Example: 65 x 25 x 35 cm is
 0.65m long x 0.25m wide x 0.35m high, its cubic dimension is 0.65 x 0.25 x 0.35 = 0.057. For more detail, please check out this page on How to Calculate Freight Charges
▶ What is Charge Weight?
Charge Weight is the unit by which the shipment is charged and it will be the greater of either the actual kilograms or the cubic kilograms. Eg. The above example the total cubic was 0.057. If we multiply 0.057 by 250 (the express road cubic factor) the resultant cubic weight is 15kg. So if the parcel’s actual weight was less than 15kg, its chargeable kilograms will be 15. If the parcel’s actual weight was more, then chargeable kgs would be the same as its actual kgs. Actual Kgs = Dead Weight For more detail on this, please check out this page on Cubic Weight.
▶ What items cannot be shipped?
Transport Companies in general do not carry Dangerous goods, foodstuffs, live animals or illegal contrabands or any goods that are classed as explosive. Under certain circumstances we are permitted to carry small volumes of low risk Dangerous Goods and foodstuffs. Clarification should be sought prior to shipment.
▶ What happens in the event of loss or damages of goods whilst in transit?

Unless prior arrangements are made and agreed upon by the Sender and National Freight Management, the Sender will need to rely on their own Transit Insurance for any losses or damages. We will always assist and support your claim by supplying relevant documentation etc. We strongly recommend that you arrange appropriate transit insurance prior to dispatching.

▶ What happens if no one is at the receiver’s premises to accept goods when the driver arrives?
The driver will leave a card advising the receiver that a delivery was attempted. The receiver is then to make contact with the Transport Carrier used – to arrange another mutually convenient delivery date. 
 Goods may be left but only if we are in receipt of written instructions from the sender or receiver. These instructions can be included in the consignment note in the “Special Instructions” panel. 
Eg. If not home leave behind side gate
▶ Are there items that can’t be shipped?
Yes, there are certain items that National Freight Management cannot carry unless there is a prior written agreement between National Freight Management and the sender. These items are referred to as ‘prohibited items’ and include all goods, which are prohibited by legislation or regulations. Please refer to our terms and conditions. The following are examples of items that require specialist freight services:

  • Antiques
  • Architectural models
  • Bulk goods (grain etc)
  • Cosmetics
  • Currency (notes, coins, credit cards and travelers cheques)
  • Drugs
  • Food
  • Gold and silver in any form
  • Hazardous goods, combustible or explosive material
  • High value, easy to trade computer appliances (such as RAM chips or SIMM’s and central processor units)
  • Laptops and portable computers
  • Plants or animals (live or dead)
  • Livestock
  • Material that could be submitted as pornographic or offensive
  • Negotiable bonds or other like ‘valuable papers’
  • Objects of art (paintings/sculptures etc) and fine arts
  • Political material
  • Precious metals, stones or jewellery
  • Other negotiable values

Please note:

  • National Freight Management does not offer a fragile service. Fragile, blood or liquid items must be packaged to withstand their entire journey. Refer to our terms and conditions.
  • To cover goods under Marine Open Cover Insurance (MOC) the sender must complete the front of the consignment note with the value of the consignment and the correct currency. Cover for insurance will be charged to your normal National Freight Management account. MOC is not available to all destinations so please check with our Customer Service team if you are unsure.
  • National Freight Management does not cover consequential loss.

It is the sender’s responsibility to be aware of prohibited items in the country of origin, transshipment countries and receiving countries.

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