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Freight Tips


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Shipping freight can be a daunting task, so we’ve put together these handy lists that you can refer back to when it comes time for you to organise your next shipment.

Decide what your priorities are.

  • Do you need to get your goods there as fast as possible?
  • Is cost the most important factor?  Shipping goods by rail is often a little slower than road transport but may save dollars. Rail freight is very reliable, and can save you money.
  • Do you need insurance? Freight insurance may be an important consideration for you.
  • Do you need to track and trace your consignment through its journey?
  • Do you have a large consignment that will take a day to load? If so we can arrange to have a company leave a trailer for loading for a pre-arranged period.
  • Can your goods be loaded on pallets or do you need us to arrange for container hire? We can arrange container freight, or offer you other options if need be.

Make sure:

  • Goods are clean.  For example, engines and automotive parts should be free of oil.
  • Goods are securely strapped on a pallet to eliminate movement during transport.
  • Goods for the same destination are secured on the same pallet.
  • A fork lift is available at both the pick up point and at the destination.
  • Goods are ready for loading at any time during normal business hours on the day of pick up.
  • The goods are clearly labelled showing the address of their destination.
  • The labels are easy to read – A4 size is best.


We hope these lists make shipping freight and organising freight services an easier task for you. Remember to get a quote from us to see just how easy and cost effective your shipping and freight can be.

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