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Freight forwarding should be the least of your worries.
If you’re looking online for freight forwarding and shipping options, you may have already experienced some of the unnecessary frustrations that come with trying to ship your goods.

In all honesty, as a small to medium sized business, freight forwarding should be the last thing on your ‘to do’ list. But it’s understandable that you’re searching for options. There are a lot available and they can be confusing. With over 28 years of experience in the freight business, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands and that our recommendations will suit your needs and budget.

If you are looking for an easy to use, reliable and cost effective service, then you have found the best solution for your needs. National Freight Management makes the process of shipping and freight forwarding easy and hassle-free. We select the best transportation services and transportation companies for your needs, and then provide you with a single point of contact, and an easy to read invoice.


If you answer YES to two or more of these questions then you will benefit from outsourcing your freight forwarding management:

  • Do you need to regularly or sporadically deliver goods?
  • Have you or one of your employees ever spent more than 5 minutes on the internet or phone comparing freight forwarding prices?
  • Do you think your freight forwarding needs are minimal and so end up using couriers or one-off arrangements as the need arises?
  • Have you or your customers ever lost track of a shipment or delivery, causing stress, expense and time wasting?
  • Have you ever paid more than you thought reasonable just to make sure a shipment reached its destination on time?
  • Are you tired of filling in endless freight forwarding documentation, insurance forms and other paperwork?

Outsourcing your freight forwarding management to National Freight Management will solve every single one of the above problems (and many more that you may not even be aware of!).

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“Our Company has been associated with National Freight Management for over 7 years.During this time we have enjoyed excellent service in all aspects of our freight requirements.”

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“We have being using the National Freight Management website to calculate our freight costs for quite some time. We find the website quick and easy to use and an invaluable tool when quoting freight charges.”

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“Very convenient web service, multiple quotes from various carriers saves us time and money.”

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