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Sea Freight


Why Sea Freight

  • It is considered safer using sea transportation to move goods over long distances, to and from a country. With no specific person overseeing your cargo along the journey, it is always ensured that your cargo will reach its destination safely.
  • There is minimized risk of losing or their being damage to your cargo because there is hardly any risk of accidents or difficulties.
  • You can transport large heavy cargo via this mode of transportation if you have a much lower budget compare to Air Freight.
  • Sea Freight offer specialised services depending on the needs of your cargo. E.g. refrigeration, cattle, vehicles, food products etc

There are many benefits offered by sea freight services, you just need to know what your shipping requirements are…


Remember that you can email us or phone us to discuss details of your needs regarding using a sea freight company in Australia, and get free advice backed up by 30 years of industry experience.


All you need to know about Sea Freight 


NFM Sea Freight Services Offer Complete Global Transportation Solution

  • National Freight Management can handle all your transport arrangements using sea freight services for door-to-door delivery.
  • We’ll organise local cartage of your shipment so you will experience a complete single source solution when you are using sea freight services.
  • We work with sea freight services to provide container freight and freight forwarding solutions for your needs.

When shipping with sea freight in Australia, you have two options:

  • LCL – loose container load
  • FCL – full container load – 20′ or 40′ containers
  • Many sea freight services in Australia also offer side loaders.


Customs Clearances for Sea Freight in Australia

We can handle all aspects of sea freight regarding customs clearances. National Freight Management can provide complete customs brokerage for all sea freight in Perth. We have the experience to manage all details of your import shipment. No matter what your needs, no matter how big or small your shipment is, we are here to help you find the right sea freight company. We have the largest selection of sea freight services in Australia to choose from assuring you of the best services at the most affordable prices.


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