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If You Are Wondering about Freight Insurance in Australia then Chances Are You Need It!


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Most freight carriers (whether road, rail, air or sea freight) DO NOT offer automatic freight insurance in Melbourne. Certain things will be covered but in most cases it is your responsibility to ensure adequate freight insurance in Sydney for your goods. Consider what you are shipping and what the result is if you incur a loss. Too often people only start thinking about freight insurance in Darwin after it is too late, by which time it is too late to obtain freight insurance in Australia.

You Should Always Factor in the Cost of Freight Insurance Services

As in all other areas of commerce and industry, freight insurance services are now an important part of freight transportation and shipping freight, and therefore freight insurance services must be factored into your planning, paperwork and budget.

Please Contact Us to Help You Find the Right Freight Insurance Services in Australia

There is no paperwork as time consuming as that which is required by a freight insurance company. More likely than not, your time is already stretched, and you are too busy to waste time with the extra documentation required to apply for freight insurance. Arranging freight shipping and transportation services can waste valuable time, time you could be spending working on revenue-creating items.

We Are Highly Experienced with Regard to Freight Insurance Services in Australia

Freight insurance in Perth, Sydney and all of Australia is something that we know a lot about at National Freight Management and it is our commitment to pass this knowledge and expertise onto you.

Some types of freight that can be covered by freight insurance in Brisbane are:

  • Open Deck Freight
  • Palletized Goods
  • Livestock & Grain
  • Resources & Minerals
  • Containerised Items
  • Perishable Foods
  • Personal Effects


The Types of Freight that Are Typically Not Cover by a Freight Insurance Company in Australia Are:

Please see the column to the right to learn more about Freight Insurance in Australia. We are here to help you find the best freight insurance company in Australia to meet your needs and your budget.


Please note:

National Freight Management does not offer a fragile service. Fragile, blood or liquid items must be packaged to withstand their entire journey. Refer to our terms and conditions.
To cover goods under Marine Open Cover Insurance (MOC) the sender must complete the front of the consignment note with the value of the consignment and the correct currency. Cover for insurance will be charged to your normal National Freight Management account. MOC is not available to all destinations so please check with our Customer Service team if you are unsure.
National Freight Management does not cover consequential loss.
It is the sender’s responsibility to be aware of prohibited items in the country of origin, transhipment countries and receiving countries.

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