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How to work out charge weight: 

  • all freight is subject to be charged by dead or cubic weight
  • charge wt = greater of either the actual wt or cubic wt of an item

To calculate cubic conversion:

Multiply length x width x height ( metres )

Then multiply this figure by the appropriate cubic conversion:

  • cubic conversion for: exp road – 1 cubic metre = 250 kg

General – 1 cubic metre = 333 kg

International air – 1 cubic metre = 200 kg

Sea freight – 1 cubic metre = 1 tonne ( 1000 kgs )

For example: a pallet containing parts from Melbourne to Sydney:

dimensions: 1.2 (l) x 1.2 (w) x 1.0 ( h ) = 1.44 cubic metres

actual wt: 250 kgs

If sent by general freight: 1.44 x 333 ( cubic conversion ) = 480 kgs cubic wt / charge wt

If sent by express road: 1.44 x 250 ( cubic conversion ) = 360 kgs cubic wt / charge wt

Note: if the cubic weight is greater than the actual wt, freight will be charged on the greater or visa versa note: if dimensions are given in cm – they need to be converted into metres eg 100 cm = 1.0 metres or 80 cm = 0.80 metres

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