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Rail Freight

Rail Freight Services is the most cost effective choice when transporting bulk cargo or large goods.


NFM Rail Freight service providers

  • Operate efficient rail services throughout Australia
  • Are connected to the main interstate rail lines, goods travel directly between state-of-the-art depots in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney via high speed louvre vans, completely eliminating costly delays and extra handling due to busy intermodal rail terminals.
  • Have purpose-built depots at Brisbane, Adelaide and Kalgoorlie and are conveniently located near major rail terminals for quick pick-up and delivery.
  • Have vastly experienced staff who pride themselves on their ability to load your goods in the safest possible manner. With care and commitment being our priority
  • All consignments are managed using advanced in-house IT system, which is available for our (NFM Account) customers to access and provides ‘live’ track and trace information.
  • Along with our priority and economy services for general freight, we offer a variety of specialist services for bulk cargo, liquids and out of gauge shipments.
  • So whether you require one pallet, a full container or truck load, NFM is your will service all your needs


All you need to know about Rail Freight


 When shipping with rail freight in Australia, you have two options:

  • LCL – loose container load
  • FCL – full container load – 20′ or 40′ containers
  • Sideloaders also available


Rail Gauge in Australia

What is rail gauge (track gauge)?

Track gauge is a technical term used in rail transport to define the spacing of the rails on a railway track

Based on your state and what you are transporting, your rail freight in Australia will be transported via one of these bands. Victoria operates on broad gauge, while NSW is on standard gauge and narrow gauge can be found in Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania.


Tonnage Can Dictate Choosing the Right Rail Freight Company


Rail Freight in Australia Offers Broad Cross Country Coverage

The main interstate standard gauge routes for rail freight in Australia cross east to west and north to south, with more dense coverage in the south east corner of the country.

The east west rail route runs along the southerly part of the country, while the north south route cuts right through the centre.

Each State Has Their Own Gauge for Rail Freight Services in Australia

Each state has further choices of narrow, standard or broad gauge rail services in Australia and there are few rail freight options in much of Western Australia, and central parts of Queensland, South Australia and most of the Northern Territory.

How Industry Relies on Rail Freight in Australia

Most major industries rely on rail freight in Australia.

The following goods, materials and resources are routinely transported by a rail freight company in Australia:

  • Grains
  • Coal
  • Steel and metal products
  • Wood and logs
  • Cars and auto parts
  • White goods
  • Consumer goods
  • Manufactured goods
  • 20ft & 40ft containers


  • So If you think that rail freight is a good option for your shipping needs, get in touch with us for a quote for rail freight services in Australia based on your particular needs and budget.
  • Which rail freight services are best for you, depends on what you’re shipping and including other factors.
  • With so many different rail freight services in Australia, it can be difficult to know where to start. With nearly 30 years of experience and over 20 rail freight services in Australia on our roster, we can provide you with exceptional service with great rates.
  • Take the headaches out of your shipping and rail freight activities in Australia, and trust National Freight Management to handle it for you.
  • You can get started with a free quote for rail freight services in Brisbane, Perth or anywhere in Australia by clicking here.

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