Road Freight

Road Transport is the vital link between producers, businesses and consumers.


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Giving them the choice to transport wherever and whenever they choose thanks to their unmatched flexibility.

Road vehicles are the only way to reach most factories, stores, restaurants and homes. They carry everything, from TVs and computers to clothes, medicine, children’s toys, food and construction materials – all along the production chain, to local stores and doorsteps.


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All You Need To Know About Road Freight


Road freight in Australia gives you Control and Choice when it comes to;  Interstate Transport

Without Trucks, Australia Stops… When it comes to interstate freight this is most certainly true. Because of the enormous land mass this country spans, whether you’re using road freight in Brisbane, Perth or Melbourne, it offers the best choice when it comes to transporting end to end, bottom to top, east to west – and everything in between.

Road freight services come in two different varieties:

  • Economy Road Freight
  • Express Road Freight

Each road freight company in Australia offers services to suit different needs, and that’s what we’re here for – to offer you the services that best suit your requirements and budget.


Air Freight Is Not Always Better Than Road Freight

When you want it there fast, airfreight is not the only choice when it comes to express delivery. Most road express services in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and elsewhere offer great overnight services, perfect for urgent interstate transport. Road freight services are also the best choice when it comes to interstate transport – particularly in the country’s larger states but even in Victoria, where points of destination can be as far as eight hours apart.


Road Freight in Australia Reaches Remote Areas

Road freight is the only option when it comes to transporting goods to most of Australia’s remote areas. Airfreight can cover some of this ground, but for any bulk or heavy transportation, a good regional road express service will be your number one choice.

Australian Road Freight Offers Choices

It’s important to have a choice of road freight company vehicle sizes and specifications that your goods will be safely secured and carried on. If you have any doubts as to which freight company will best suit the needs of your interstate transport or cross country transport, please get in touch.


Road Freight Company Truck Types:

  • 1 Tonne Vans and Ute’s
  • 4-12 Tonne trucks
  • Semi Trailers
  • B-Doubles
  • Tailgate Vehicles


Goods Most Commonly Carried by Road Freight Services in Melbourne

  • Boxes & Cartons
  • Crates
  • Parcels
  • Pallets
  • Skids
  • Containers
  • Bulk Freight
  • Machinery &Auto Parts
  • Large Rolls of Tubing
  • Almost Anything That Can Be Packed

We Are Here to Help You Find the Right Road Freight Company

When you’re thinking about shipping your freight using a road freight company in Darwin, Perth or anywhere in Australia, dealing with different organisations and shipping to different parts of the country can be an unfortunate reality that costs you time and money – unless you use a shipping brokerage service. National Freight Management offers a complete freight solution, including single invoice billing, with detailed descriptions, great rates and a simplified and efficient workflow. We talk to a great deal of companies well-versed in road express Australia wide, so talk to us; you’ll spend less time on the phone, and more time getting things done


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