Why You Should Hire a Freight Broker


Almost all products on the market come through, or pass through, a process called freight shipping: a transfer process from the manufacturing plant to the distribution centres, the wholesalers and retailers. Depending on where the products are being sent, the process may involve land, air or sea.

If you are a manufacturer or a distributor, whether wholesaler or retailer, you would come through this freight shipping process as frequently as your goods are demanded in the market. The person or entity who you contract to handle the transport of your goods to your desired destination is called a freight company. If your volume is big and varied in distance and you may need the services of more than one freight company, you would need a freight broker to assume the responsibility of arranging and coordinating all your shipping activities, to make sure these are done efficiently.

Why You Should Hire a Freight Broker
If your volume is small and your destination is near, a broker may not be needed. You can personally deal with a freight mover to transport your goods. But if your volume is great, you may have to seek a broker to do the work of choosing which freight company will handle your cargo.

In this way, you pass on the problems of transport to your broker and to the freight company with all the attendant worries, and just look forward to confirming the successful delivery of your goods to their recipients’ addresses. You are thus spared such transport problems as delays, waylaid goods, breakage or cargo loss as these will be expertly handled by your contracted freight broker. You can then focus on the more important aspects of growing your business.

The Best Freight Brokers
But this successful outcome does not come automatically. It is possible only if you get the best freight brokers in town. In deciding which freight broker services to hire, it is wise to look at the credentials of prospective brokers being considered. Better still, get recommendations from friends in your industry who are using the services of freight brokers and ask for two or three referrals. Here are some ideas for your guidance:

1. Freight brokers are licensed property brokers recognised by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). To be licensed as such, they need to apply for a USDOT number. This number is needed to be entitled to a license by the FMCSA.

2. A freight broker is required to have a surety bond or trust fund of at least $75,000, proof of which must be presented upon application. This bond serves as guarantee by this broker that you, the shipper, will pay for the shipping service.

3. The best freight brokers are those companies with extensive connections in the transport/carrier industry and who have long and varied experiences in moving and arranging goods for transport.

Entrust the Job to the Professionals
Some companies try to economise in their shipping costs by doing the work that brokers do professionally. While it is true that they may save a little on the broker’s professional fee, the savings cannot equate to the problems if the cargo encounters a hitch along the way. With a professional freight broker, the peace of mind while your goods are in transport enabling you to focus on your business, will certainly dwarf your shipping costs.

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