Why Have Insurance

NFM advises that all our customers acquire insurance for all their freight needs.


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Although the carriers we use always prioritise safety and care, as part of their service there is always a certain unpredictability of unforseen circumstances.


Our consultants are always on hand to advice on the right type of insurance with the right insurance company or broker.



Please refer to INSURANCE (Expertise Link) for more detailed information


Transit Insurance (Freight Insurance)

  • TNT and TOLL NQX offer Transit Insurance – But only if requested and must be clearly marked on the consignment note
  • TNT and TOLL NQX Do Not insure Second Hand Goods
  • NORTHLINE FREIGHT and SADLEIRS TRANSPORT offer automatic Transit Insurance up to $1000 for every consignment
  • Transit Insurance ONLY COVERS FOR LOSS OR PHYSICAL DAMAGE OF GOODS.  It does not cover costs associated – with delays in the delivery of goods sent.
  • If Transit Insurance is not taken – Goods are sent at your own risk – as Transport Companies will not take liability for loss or damage
  • Goods that are damaged – The consignment note must be signed and witnessed by the delivery as damaged – Failure to do so – will only lead to an insurance claim being rejected




Freight Risks (separate Link)

  • SERVICES are supplied at your RISK
  • You bear the RISK of LOSS or DAMAGE, unless the GOODS are COVERED by TRANSIT INSURANCE with a particular TRANSPORT COMPANY, in which case the TRANSPORT COMPANY chosen – is LIABLE to pay you – only up to the LIMIT of the EXTENDED WARRANTY.



◦       EXTENDED WARRANTY does not include FAILURE to DELIVER the goods or DAMAGE to the goods caused by MECHANICAL DERANGEMENT or LATENT DEFECT.

◦       The PACKAGING of goods is the SENDERS responsibility.

CARE must be taken as INCORRECT packaging may VOID any CLAIM in the event that the GOODS are DAMAGED



How do I claim? (Separate Link)

  • The first step is to tell us about the matter within 24 hours Call us on 03 9800 1444 if your consignment is MISSING.
  • For DAMAGED GOODS, make a note on your DELIVERY document at the time of delivery and CONTACT us IMMEDIETELY on 03 9800 1444.
  • Once we have VERIFIED that TRANSIT INSURANCE covered the ITEM, we will send you a CLAIM FORM to send to us along with any relevant SUPPORTING documents.
  • Supporting documents may include photographs, independent quotes, and invoices to support your valuation of the goods, e.g. repair’s invoices.
  • Depending on the value of the consignment and the circumstances, transport companies may require an assessment by its own investigators prior to the ACCEPTANCE of the CLAIM, so please ensure that DAMAGED freight or PACKAGING is not DISPOSED of or REPAIRED until advised.
  • The CLAIM FORM must be returned to NATIONAL FREIGHT MGT within 7 days from date of receipt by faxing it to 03 98001199 or by mailing it to P.O BOX 6034 WANTIRNA VIC 3152. In most cases CLAIMS will be paid within 28 days of the CLAIM FORM being lodged.


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